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What is Estate Planning? It is the process of deciding what happens to your assets and affairs when you die or become incapacitated. By this definition, estate planning is for everyone.

Estate Planning Advice Services In Rochester, Strafford & Rockingham County, NH

Estate Planning Services

We offer to individuals in Strafford, Rockingham, Merrimack, Carroll, Belknap, and Hillsborough counties all the services needed to make your Estate Planning needs complete.

Advanced Directives
Simple Trusts

Advanced Directives

Give someone you trust a long-lasting health care proxy and make sure your wishes are followed with a healthcare proxy. He or she should be clear about what you want to do about your care if you can’t make that decision yourself anymore.

Be sure that he or she is someone you can trust to pass on your wishes to your doctors or nursing staff. That person will make financial decisions for you if you can’t do it yourself anymore.

Simple Trusts

Like all trusts, Simple Trusts are regulated by the trust agreement, which is basically a contract between the settlor and the trustee outlining the wishes and intentions of the settlor. If an issue can not be resolved by the trust agreement, the matter can go to court to be resolved by a judge according to the laws of state trusts and properties.

The most important aspects of establishing a legally binding trust include showing a clear intention to create the trust, clearly identifying the property to be placed in the trust and specifically naming the trust’s beneficiaries.

Write a Will

Two-thirds of Americans will die without leaving a will. If you die without a will, the state gets to decide how to distribute your estate. Having a will stops that from happening. It helps ensure that the strategy for disposing of the properties – not someone else’s – is executed.