Criminal Results

Felony Insurance Fraud Dropped To Misdemeanor

Client charged with felony insurance fraud. Attorney Stephen C. Brown negotiated a reduction of the charge to a misdemeanor false report to law enforcement. Client received a suspended house of corrections sentence. The felony insurance fraud charge was later nol prossed by the state after client successfully completed a diversion program.

Willful Concealment Charge Dropped After Completion Of Diversion Program

Client charged with willful concealment. Charge placed on file for two years in exchange for client's completion of an online shoplifting course, a jail tour and an essay. The case was dismissed by the state after two years of the client's good behavior, making the charge eligible to be annulled.

Multiple Counts Of Receiving Stolen Property Reduced To One

Client charged with three counts of receiving stolen property. Client pleaded guilty to one count of computer crime and fined. The charges of receiving stolen property were deferred for nine months in exchange for client paying restitution and completing community service and were eventually dismissed and are now eligible for annulment.

Felony And Misdemeanor Charges Dropped Due To Insufficient Evidence

Client charged with felony second-degree assault and misdemeanor simple assault, both of which were domestic violence-related, forcing client to relinquish his guns. The charges were dismissed at the probable cause hearing due to insufficient evidence. As a result, client's handguns were returned.

Possession And Transportation Of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs Dropped

Client charged with felony possession of controlled/narcotic drugs, misdemeanor possession of controlled/narcotic drugs and transporting drugs in a motor vehicle. All charges dropped. Client thereafter petitioned the court and successfully annulled all drug charges from her criminal record.

Felony First-Degree Assault Charge Dismissed Due To Insufficient Evidence

Client charged with felony first-degree assault and held on $25,000 cash bail waiting for probable cause hearing. Case dismissed at probable cause hearing due to lack of evidence.

Multiple Charges Dropped

Client was charged with two counts of simple assault, criminal mischief and obstructing the report of a crime. All charges were nol prossed, except for one count of simple assault, which the client pleaded guilty to and received a suspended house of corrections sentence and obtained a mandatory evaluation with a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor.

Loss Of Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Dropped After Multiple Driving Convictions Reduced To Violation

Client received a lifetime disqualification of his CDL based upon a second major conviction on his driving record. Attorney Stephen C. Brown was able to vacate one of his major convictions and replace it with a violation, allowing the client to reinstate his CDL.

Nine Arrests And Convictions Cleared From Criminal Record

Client desired to clean up criminal record, which consisted of over nine arrests and convictions, including felonies. Attorney Stephen C. Brown was able to annul all arrests and convictions for the client, leaving the client with a clean criminal record and a fresh start.