Facing Criminal Charges

Do Not Panic

That is the first advice we give people who are suddenly charged with a crime. For most people, it's a new experience, and an unnerving one. Our message to you is: Take it one day at a time and do not project the final result until we have the facts to support or deny that opinion.

Powerful Defense Centering On You As A Person In Rochester, Strafford & Rockingham County, NH

Powerful Defense Centering On You As A Person In Rochester, Strafford & Rockingham County, NH

At The Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates in Rochester, we have developed an approach to criminal defense that is fairly simple, but few other firms follow: We get to know you and your case.

As a general rule, criminal cases do not often go to trial. What may help resolve yours in your favor is educating the state prosecutor about your positive traits versus the picture of you as someone who may have committed a crime.

"I ask clients to take the time to write a brief autobiography, the story of their life. It's a powerful way to get at a person's real nature and any problems that may have led to the arrest. It's calming for the client, it's useful in my defense and it makes the story we tell the prosecutor persuasive and real." - Stephen C. Brown

Believe it or not, prosecutors are human. We work with prosecutors throughout New Hampshire and have enjoyed good success finding solutions that dismiss the charge entirely or minimize the damage to you and your future.

We work to show what the circumstances of the crime were and what may have led up to it. When conviction is likely, we seek diversion programs, drug classes and family violence classes to change the behavior, rather than simply punish the individual.

Proven Strategies For A Wide Spectrum Of Criminal Cases

We defend individuals in Strafford, Rockingham, Merrimack, Carroll, Belknap and Hillsborough counties against every kind of criminal charge, including:

  • Property crimes — such as burglary, robbery and shoplifting
  • DUI/DWI — including multiple-offense driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Traffic violations — from speeding to reckless driving to driving with a suspended license or habitual offenses
  • Domestic violence — including assault and assault and battery as well as restraining orders
  • Sexual offenses — such as sexual assault, possession or distribution of child pornography and indecent exposure
  • Drug offenses — from simple possession to trafficking and distribution
  • Violent crimes — such as assault and vehicular homicide
  • Gun crimes — including illegal sale, possession and use of firearms
  • White collar crime — such as fraud and embezzlement
  • Annulments — for any criminal offense

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If you have been arrested, don't talk to the police; talk to attorney Stephen Brown. Our firm is dedicated to serving people who find themselves in trouble with the law and positioning them to get their lives back on track. Call The Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates in Rochester at 603-332-3535, or email us using this online form.