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Personalized Legal Advocacy In Strafford, NH

Lawyers Who Help You Cope

No one is ever eager to see a lawyer. You only do it when there is trouble. At The Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates, we help people with serious problems, from a DWI arrest to a serious accident that causes financial difficulty. These problems can be like earthquakes in your life, causing everything to shift. That’s when you need experienced, caring lawyers to cope with the crisis.

Your Story At The Center Of The Case

Firm founder attorney Stephen Brown always asks clients in trouble to write out the story of their lives. This way he can get to know the person in need – not just the details of the case. Bringing this human dimension to negotiations means both sides understand what is at stake, and that the outcome of the case will have consequences for a real person. This personal approach is at the heart of our practice.

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If you want a lawyer who will shout and pound the table, keep looking. But if you want your problem to be taken seriously, and you want to obtain the most positive outcome possible, call (603) 332-3535 or write to us online to tell us about your predicament

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